Monday, April 19, 2010

Evidence of Grace

Woke up at 4:45 am and got ready for the drive to Louisiana. Left home about 5:50 am and started out for Bossier. Got there about 7:00 am and walked into the hospital not knowing where anyone would be or who would be there. Dad was scheduled to be there at 5:15 am this morning to get prepped and ready for surgery. I hoped he would still be in waiting when I got there so I could tell him goodbye before he went back. I went to the front desk and asked for his name and they pointed me to the day surgery waiting area. A nurse at the desk there escorted me to the back to dad's room. I knocked and poked my head in the door and saw dad's toothless grin immediately. He had his IV already and was in his ever so lovely blue hospital gown. The room was full of family, at least 7 of us piled into this one little room with a big sign on the door that says, "limit 2 visitors at a time in waiting rooms." So much for rule following I guess. My brother and his girlfriend, uncles, me, dad in his hospital bed, nurses, doctor... all of us in this tiny room! I wasn't there for more than 15 mintues before the surgeon came in to explain the surgery to us all and inform us and dad what to expect afterwards. The plan was to make a pretty large incision on dad's right side to allow access to his lung. Remove the cancer growth and examine it under a microscope in the operating room to determine if the entire upper lobe of his lung would need to be removed. If the lobe needed to be removed they would do so to protect against any further spreading or cancerous growth elsewhere. Dad would be in a lot of pain and have a chest tube. He would be in ICU for the night and hopefully be in a room by tomorrow. They would then be able to examine the growth in the lab and determine what steps to take next to fight it. Dad was wheeled back to the operating room about 7:45 am. Uncle Dennis prayed with us and we waited. About 10:30 am the surgeon came out and said, "Well everything went well and your dad is doing fine. After going in and examining the spot on the lung I realized the spot was not cancerous at all. It was actually just an infection. I removed the area of infection from his lung, but did not have to remove any portion of the lung. He will be just fine."

I sat there for a few seconds with my jaw on the floor and asked her again, "So that means there is NO cancer at all?" Her response to me was, "no, the infection was spreading in his lung so it appeared on all of the Xrays and tests to be a malignant tumor of some sort but it was no tumor it was just an infected area."
I was completely shocked and happy and prayerful and elated!
We have gone a month now being told by doctors that they were 95% sure the spot was malignant cancer cells and now here we are at 100% cancer free! God's grace was surely evident today as it is everyday we are given another breath! Thank you Lord for your mercy and your grace!

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  1. Wow!! That is amazing, and one of those moments you will be able to testify about, when asked how you know there is a God!