Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Warrior World

Lots to tell so I will try to make this as short as possible.

1st order of business: Annabelle

She is doing well with her antibiotics but the knots in her neck are still there. She never really skipped a beat though. Just flowing right along as usual. We should be able to call at the end of this week and set up an appt. for her to get more labs done.

2nd order of business: I GOT A JOB!!

I have decided that I am going to go back to school but I most certainly cannot be without a job while doing this. I decided I would get a part time job working working about 30 hours per week so I can at least have some money coming in to help us. I knew something had to be done and be done quickly so last Friday I decided I would just go up to the bank here in Hallsville and see if they were hiring. Walked in when they opened the doors 1st thing that morning and immediately got to see the manager. I gave him my resume and told him my situation. He said they were looking for someone full time and part time as a teller. He wanted me to fill out an application and also speak with the head teller. So... did all that and things went really well. She said that the manager would probably call me later that day after they talked. I got a call about 11:45 and he was offering me the part time position!! I start Monday morning and I'm so happy that part of my plans are coming together. I prayed to God Thursday morning and told him that I cannot do this by myself and that I needed guidance and help. I prayed that a door would open and that if it was His plan that he would guide me through it. I think part of knowing that God will answer your prayers is also knowing that you can't. I had this realization that in all things I must be truly dependent on God. This does not make me weak or incapable. If I am nothing to someone else I can always know that I am something to God. He loves me. I pray that these events will continue to play out without my hands being involved. I love to see God working in my weakness. Remember that peace I talked about earlier? That is where I find it.

3rd order of business: Warrior Dash

Went to Fourney TX yesterday with Joey to the Warrior Dash! It was awesome! I was only a spectator but next year I will definately be a participant! Joey did so great. He ran a 3.2 mile obstacle course in about 27 minutes! In the end he came out REAL dirty and tired but nothing that a little car wash wouldn't take care of! :-) We got to see some friends there and enjoyed a little time away. There were so many people there but everything was very well organized for a crowd so large. I will definately have to say that it's better to run it early because with about the 4th wave of people coming through, I saw a guy puke in the mud pit. yuck! too bad for all the people crawling through that stuff after him! Here are a few pictures to show you.

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